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Black Cowhide Log Basket

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Perfect log holder as not only do they look stylish but they solve a problem  as anyone with a log basket knows lots of bits come out of the bottom , whereas with these they stay in the basket and you simply hoover them out with the attachment to your hoover.

The front is in a Black cowhide which looks absolutely stunning next to wood walls in a chalet with heavy duty cowhide handles with felted wool on the interior making them comfortable to carry  for carrying and the other 3 sides are in a Dark Grey  felted boiled wool , you can have the basket facing either way depending on your mood. 

The felted boiled  wool is a natural and high quality luxury  fabric often used in Mountain interiors 

The lifestyle picture shows one with a Brown  felted wool back (listed separately)  which has approximately 5 large logs in and they will hold 8 to still retain this shape , but if you prefer a slouchy look pile them in!!!

They are also perfect for using as magazine holders or as a tidy storage for blankets in the Summer months when not burning logs 

A really nice touch to your fireside (one might have made its way into our home) 

These are such a luxurious high end product all handmade in Italy


Fabric : Cowhide ( sustainable as a waste product from the food industry which would otherwise go to landfill) and Felted 100% wool 

H 36 Cms  (46 to handle top) 


W 30 Cm

L 50 Cm 

As these are handmade in Italy sizes can vary very slightly and the Cowhide varies with natural markings 

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