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Albmi Double Hanger -Gedigo

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The Albmi double Hanger from Gedigo of Finland is made of Birch and naturally tanned leather and  is a perfect solution for a guest room where you don't have room for wardrobes but want to provide hanging space but keep it stylish!

The Sami word "albmi" means Air or Sky and this is exactly the impression the hanger gives that it is floating in the air

The hanger is also perfect for Bathrooms where you want to keep the floor area clear instead of having a towel rain .

We actually use these in our shop to display throws and blankets and sometimes forget how beautiful they actually are as they are so simplistic .

All you need to do is hang 2 small hooks onto the wall or into the ceiling and the leather loops over so you can have as near or as far from the wall as you like. 

Material: Wood and Natural Tanned Leather 

size: H: 105 Cms x W: 98 Cms 




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