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Silvery Grey Icelandic Sheepskin Seat Pad



Product Details

Icelandic Sheepskin seat pads add a touch of luxury to the humble dining chair or stool. 

Perfect for pine or leather chairs which always feel a little cold on the derriere adding warmth as well as an extra layer of padding for comfort. 

The seat pads can also be used to drape over a wooden stool to transform it into a sheepskin topped footstool.

As these are dyed they will have to be kept out of direct strong sunlight as they can fade

(There is no cushion pad in these squares, the rear is hide with the sheepskin top) 


Size : Approx 40 Cms by 40 Cms on the hide but anywhere between 45 and 47  depending on the hair length which is usually 5 Cms 

Care: As sheepskins repel dirt a good shake or brush with a wire dog brush will usually be all that is needed , in case of spillages , blot out immediately with water or in an emergency they can be specialist dry cleaned , 


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