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Angel des Montagnes Acacia Log Occasional Table filled with "Gold" alumnium on brushed steel legs

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Fabulous tables by Angel des Montagnes carefully  crafted from an Acacia log which has had molten "gold" aluminium poured into the hollow cavity and each piece is unique 

The molten metal  is poured at 870 degrees into the cavity and as it dries a further layer of black charcoal is created round the edges giving further depth to the table top.

The concept of the table is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi which means to repair a crack with Gold and make a broken object even more beautiful.

The table comes in two sizes and can be bought separately or equally they look good side by side giving the impression of stepping stones. 

Large Between 46 and 53 Cm H 52Cm

Small Between 28 and 36 Cm H43Cm

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