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Black and white Speckled Cow hide

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Add a touch of opulence to your home with one of our cowhides. 

This Black and white speckled stylish, versatile and practically maintenance free. 

Simply wipe away stains with a damp sponge taking care not to soak  and periodically shake outside to remove excess dirt and freshen up the hide. (The hide can be brushed or Vacuum cleaned going with the grain of the hair but a shake is just as good as the hides are naturally stain resistant)

The hair on this hide is super soft and the red has a lustrous shine to the hide

Perfect on a hard floor to add depth and texture to your interior

We have chosen our range hides carefully to ensure you have something different and unique.

Customers in our shop often worry how hard wearing these rugs are with pets and as a household with dogs and cats we can vouch for the ease of having a hide as opposed to carpet with those mishaps that happen. 

All our cowhides are byproduct of the food industry

160 Cms x 210 Cms 

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