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British Rare Breed Multicolour Sheepskin

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Beautiful natural  rare breed sheepskins which as the name suggests are hard to come across. 

These sheepskins are soft and very dense with a wool length anywhere between 5 10 Cm . 

The colours are all natural and can vary anywhere from light shades of cream and Brown to Dark shades of Browns , Greys and Beige as can be seen in the images. 

These are perfect for adding depth and texture to any setting and would look fabulous teamed with one of our natural Brown rare breeds. 

Sheepskins are a natural by product  of the food industry  and if not tanned for use as a rug or drape would go to landfill and this is why sheepskins are such a sustainable product keeping you both cool in Summer and warm in Winter. 

Size: 100-115

Wool Length 5- 10 Cm 

Care:  We brush our sheepskins with a tangle teeze brush to remove excess dirt but they can be shaken and hung outside to air

Any spillages blot out immediately with water. 

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