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Curly Black Toscana Sheepskins



Product Details

These curly Black Spanish Toscana Sheepskins are a new variety to the homewares offering as they would usually be used in the fashion industry as trimmings for gilets and jackets. 

They are a small sheepskin with a very supple hide and each hide varies in appearance with some having slightly tighter curls than others. 
The curls  add real depth being a cross between an Austrian sheepskin and a Gotland. 
Fabulous draped over a dining chair or your favourite armchair to add a different texture and really add a different dimension to your layering. 

****All our hides are ethically sourced and a by product of the food industry*****

Size: 80 to 90 Cms long and the width varies from 40Cms Plus 

Care : Shake to remove excess Debris and blot out any Stains with Water 

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