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Extra Large Silver Grey Tibetan Sheepskin

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Extra Large Tibetan sheepskins really are luxurious as they are perfect for draping on chairs as they are so supple and a lot of the Tibetan hides are between 90 and 100 cm long but these are 110 Cm long which just gives you the scope to create a more opulent look. 

These rugs are a true statement piece and they are the strongest and silkiest fleeces on the market and whenever we have these in the shop people make a bee line for them .

The wool fibres bend and recover their shape naturally and retain a  bounce throughout use  and are perfect for draping on chairs or benches and if like my family you like to step out of bed onto something soft and warm each morning these are for you 


Care : Dry Clean although if you do have a spillage you can blot this out with water and a good shake outside removes dirt and dust will suffice for keeping the hide in tip top condition.

Size: L 110  x W 55 Cm 


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