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Grey Brown Marled Lambskins

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Supersoft Greyish Brown lambskins which are perfect for draping over the back of a chair or a stool to add warmth and texture without bulk  

The lambskins are a by product of the food industry and come from the Adriatic where there has long been a tradition of free range sheep farming and in more recent years they have been cross bred with Merino and this has created super soft fleeces. 

As these are much smaller than the sheepskins they can be used in areas where space is at a premium or simply used in areas where you don't want the bulk of a full size sheepskin as the fleece on these is generally shorter and people in the shop always think they are faux fur as they are so unbelievably soft and the hides so supple.  

Size L  70 to 80 Cms   W 40 to 50 Cms generally but this can vary 

Care Can be shaken or brushed to remove loose dirt .Remember sheepskins are hypoallergenic and naturally repel dirt 

Stains can be removed by blotting out with water and the hide can be washed at 30 in a wool wash with a very light detergent preferably a sheepskin shampoo

Dry away from direct heat and massage as the hide dries to maintain its suppleness. 

As this is a natural product the colours will vary .


Please note the picture shows the differing colours but the price is for one lambskin


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