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Icelandic Grey Shorn Sheepskin

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A shorn Icelandic Grey sheepskin is more natural than your normal everyday sheepskin and just adds more texture to the home

Icelandic sheepskins have a long outer hair and then a soft down thicker under hair , not all people like the look of a longhaired icelandic and this is a compromise as you are gaining a better quality sheepskin but one that also looks more traditional. 

Perfect draped over a chair both inside or out or use as a rug on the floor . 

No Alpine home is a home without a few sheepskins in our opinion as they offer warmth and comfort and a quick air on the chalet balcony and brush keeps them in tip top condition . 

All our sheepskins are a by product of the food industry and would otherwise go to waste and so offer a very sustainable home accessory.  

As this product is dyed the colour can vary and they are best not placed in direct  full sunlight as this causes the dye to change colour   

All that is needed for upkeep is a brush with a Wire brush occasionally and all we do with ours is shake and air outside 

Hair length approx 5Cm 

Size L 100-110Cm 

Width 70-90 Cm 

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