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Large Chocolate Fondue Marie Set

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Chocolate Fondue just makes everyone feel happy and is a perfect treat any night of the week. 

The Boska  chocolate fondue is styled on a traditional Bain- Marie (double boiler) method of heating the chocolate. 

The smaller bowl in the set can be filled with your chocolate and if needed melted in a microwave , the larger bowl is filled with a small amount of water approx 100 ml which is then heated by the tea light. 

The smaller bowl is then placed in the bigger bowl  and the layer of water between the two pots ensures that the heat from the tea light is distributed evenly and keeps the melted chocolate warm for hours and stops it burning or becoming gritty. 

Perfect chocolate desserts can be enjoyed in minutes and you can make them more healthy using fresh  fruit for dipping or go all out and use marshmallows , waffles or cake 

This is a perfect gift for a couple as the pot is big enough to provide plenty of chocolate for two and four at a pinch

Set Includes: Stand , two ceramic bowls and 2 Fondue forks 1 tealight

Size: H 14.5 W 14 

Care: Ceramics and forks Dishwasher safe , wipe stainless steel frame with damp cloth







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