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Large Swedish Sheepskin In Pencil Grey

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Large Grey Luxury Swedish  sheepskins which provide a longer and slightly denser wool to the British sheepskins as because as you can imagine the climate in Sweden is colder and a longer coat is needed for warmth. 

This has been dyed in a pencil Grey colour and is very soft and silky and are always very popular when we manage to obtain them . 

Perfect for use as a rug or draped on a chair for an extra layer of warmth in the Winter. 

All our hides are ethically sourced and tanned in Europe and are a by product of the food industry and as a natural product will decompose over time unlike faux fur . 

Size: 110- 120 Cm Long approx 80 Cm Wide 

Care: Shake outside to remove dust and brush with a wire dog brush to keep in top condition

Sheepskin is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dirt , hang outside occasionally for a burst of ozone 


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