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Linen Icelandic Sheepskin

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These Icelandic sheepskins  have a beautiful subtle colour which is almost like a natural Linen colour hence the name. 

If White is too stark for your decor this just gives a soft Blush and blends beautifully with most colours for a warm accent

All our Sheepskins are a by product of the food industry and as a natural product decompose naturally over time unlike plastic faux fur. 

Sheepskins also naturally repel dirt and are hypoallergenic and naturally keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. 

The hides are very supple and these rugs are perfect for draping on a chair and perfect for use outside in Gardens as an extra layer of warmth for your guests and just make that garden furniture that little bit comfier 



 l 100- Cms 

Hair length approx 10 to 15 Cms 

Shake off excess dirt and brush occasionally with a wire dog brush to keep your sheepskin in good condition and for any staining blot out with water 

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