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Manufacture De Digoin Cerf Jug

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Stunning Artisan Jug by Manufacture De Digoin which is both extremely practical as well as beautiful.  

The 17th Century pottery in Bourgogne  closed  and was reopened in 2014 by Corinne Jourdain who has brought the pottery back to life using all the original moulds and updating them with vibrant colours .

These designs are based on the original 17th Century pieces , the firing of the pottery is carried out at very high temperatures (1250c) which fixes the enamel and ensures that the material retains extreme strength and resistance .

The outside has the rough feel of  earthenware whilst the inside has been glazed .

This is one of my favourite pieces in the Manufacture de Digoin range we stock as the jug looks like an antique with the stag on the one side and the Roe deer on the other side and a fluted edge . It really is a special piece!!

The Colour is almost a cross between a slate grey and dark blue adding to the feeling of the aged piece. 

*********Please note the second image shows a blue interior , whereas ours are natural as per the first image******

Stunning gift or beautiful display piece . Have to confess one may have made its way to my house and looked fabulous with daffodils in!!

Height 20 Cms 




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