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Melange Lambskin Designer Rug

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Luxurious Melange lambskin rugs are perfect if you want to bring in different tones to your decor and want that something a little bit special and always sold quickly in the shop!!!  

The rugs are made out of various squares of  20 x 20 Cm soft lambskin sewn together ranging from cream through to soft Grey and Taupe and the overall effect is stunning. 

We can have these rugs made to order in any size depending on the size of your room just contact us on

All our sheepskins are a by product of the food industry and would otherwise go to waste so this is a really sustainable way of using the by product. 


Size W 120 Cm x 180 Cm 

Care: Shake outside to remove excess dirt and air on a washing line occasionally , as sheepskins are a natural product they naturally repel dirt and are hypoallergenic. 

In case of spillages such as a glass of wine blot out immediately with water 

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