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Mountain View - Holiday Homes



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If you are looking for inspiration and homes with a Mountain view for your next holiday be that in the Californian dessert or more  traditional Mountain Views, this book has done the hard work for you 

This is the first title in a new series, Nature Retreats, which presents the most beautifully designed holiday homes, with stunning mountain views. Travel journalist Sebastiaan Bedaux gathered together 30 of the most stylish hideouts in the world in  Despite the great variety of styles, different price tags and the unique geography of each house, they all have one thing in common: they are the stuff of dreams.

  • Showcases the most exquisite holiday homes, all with a mountain view - and all available to rent
  • The first title in the new series Nature Retreats
  • Includes practical information such as contact details for renting the home, as well as suggestions for what to do in the area
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