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Natural White Curly Icelandic Sheepskin

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A rarebreed  curly White Icelandic sheepskin offers a natural rustic look for an interior.

These sheepskins are tanned by specialists to preserve the natural curly appearance of the hide and are a cheaper alternative to the longer haired Gotlands.

Perfect for a Mountain Chalet as they offer a truly rustic and natural appearance to the room. 

The curls are different on all the hides and it is this that makes these so different to a normal hide 

We would suggest draping these over a chair or alternatively to offer a scandi vibe drape them over a rustic bench for the wow factor 

If you prefer your men a bit rugged this is the hide for you!!

Size 90 Cms -100 Cms 

Hair length approx 15 Cms 

Shake to remove dust and dirt and air outside if needed, Brush carefully with a wire dog brush to keep the hide in trim

In case of spillage blot the hides with water to remove stains 

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