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Rare Breed Lambskin



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Rare Breed Lambskin, which really is a Lambskin.

We call this one Aspen, the brown base tip signifies the hot chocolate served at the bottom of the final run.  

The texture is so soft that customers often mistake our Lambskins for faux fur.

Gloriously tactile, all our lambskins offer a soft flexible feel, and are perfect for draping in the back of chair, on the arm of a sofa, on a car seat or dare we say for a pampered pooch.

Care instructions: Lambskins can be washed in the machine on a wool cycle or hand washed but any detergent must be wool approved. Do not wash above 30 Deg C and do not spin above 400RPM

To dry lay on a towel and pull your lambskin into shape, never dry in direct sunlight and do not try to dry too quickly, this is a natural product and the more you can massage the hide whilst drying the more supple it will stay. Finally gently brush for best results.  

If you are looking for something larger then take a look at our sheepskin selection.

Approx 80 x 55cm

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