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Russian Reindeer Hides



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At Alpine Lifestyle we choose Premium A grade sustainable  Russian  Reindeer Hides  .

The Russian Hides are cut differently from Scandinavian Reindeers so do not look as animalistic which appeals to a lot of customers offering a more square shape.

Russian reindeer are less widely available and have a much silkier and soft luxurious dense fur due to them having a better diet and this is really obvious when next to a scandinavian hide

As reindeer have hollow tubular hairs they are not recommended for heavy traffic areas  and are generally regarded as being for  ornamental purposes both in and outside the home such as draping on an armchair or for use in a log cabin as a wall decoration. 

***********If you are not near enough to visit our shop to look at the hides in stock please feel free to email us to request pictures or videos of the hides we have in stock. ***********

Size 120-130 Cms  x 85-95 Cms at the widest point .

Care : We would suggest a good shake and to air your Reindeer hide outside on a cold crisp day , a light mist of the hide will help retain  moisture levels and prevent the hide drying out but take care not to oversoak the hide and only carry this out a couple of times a year


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