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Teal 4.8 Litre Ceramic Vinegar Pot

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A stoneware Vinegar pot from Manufacture De Digoin in the Burgundy region of France does what it says , stores your homemade vinegar .

This pots upper half is in a lovely glazed Teal colour with an unglazed natural lower body and Teal unglazed lid.

The pot has a capacity of 4.8 litres and comes with a cork and tap which need to be prepared before use (see below for instructions)

The pots are handmade by Artisans and fired at a very high temperature (1250 Degrees C) then fixed with a unique glaze which makes them non porous and perfect for storing liquids
Traditional glazed stoneware is ideal for making and storing vinegar because of its resistance to acid and total protection from light

The pot is too good to store away in a larder and would look fabulous out on a dresser or open shelf in the kitchen with our matching storage cylinders.

The 17th Century Manufacture de Digoin pottery in Bourgogne  closed  and was reopened in 2014 by Corinne Jourdain who has brought the pottery back to life using all the original moulds and updating them with vibrant colours .

These designs are based on the original 17th Century pieces , and as they are handmade all have imperfections which we think really adds to the charm .  

Preparing the Vinegar Pot

1. Place the cork and tap in a bowl and cover with warm water for 30 minutes. Put a small plate or weight over them to keep them submerged.

2. Remove from the bowl and insert the cork carefully into the vinegar crock spout. Push and turn the tap carefully into the cork as far as it will go.

Note: Always make sure there’s enough vinegar in the crock to keep the cork and tap moist otherwise the tap will dry out and may occasionally drip or leak a small amount of vinegar.


 Size: W 20 Cms  H 25 Cms 


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