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Lovi Grey Elf



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Lovi 3D Grey Finnish Birch plywood Elf to make at home.

The Elves can be placed anywhere in your home they have a flat base and when sat down they give the impression of  being sat on a ledge swinging their legs we use them in our window displays in the shop and they make people smile , we also have one at home sat on the dresser in our kitchen 

These make fabulous gifts as can be posted directly to the recipient and we will add a message on your behalf if wanted. 

The Elves come in kit form in a flat package with illustrated assembly instructions inside made from   eco friendly Finnish birch plywood and require no glue or tools to assemble and just slot together  

In Finland there is a very strict forestry policy whereby new trees are planted immediately after felling and the Northern Forests are actually growing at a faster rate than they are felled. 

Lovi donate a percentage of their income to replanting schemes in areas of the world affected by drought, erosion and floods which really does make these a gift with a conscience

Not only are Lovi a truly sustainable company but they are also incredibly lovely to deal with as a supplier!!


Length: 13.5 Cm 

Pefc-certified Finnish birch plywood -The PEFC is the world's largest forest certification system seeking to transform the way forests are managed locally and globally to ensure all of us can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer

***These are not a childs toy but Children will be able to make them but will need adult help for under 10***

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